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Project Background

Understanding climate technology needs is the starting point for effective action on climate change. By understanding climate technology needs one can determine how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the adverse impacts of climate change. To determine climate technology priorities, countries undertake technology needs assessments. 

Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) are a set of country-driven activities that identify and determine the mitigation and adaptation technology priorities of countries. TNAs are central to the work of Parties to the Convention (art. 4.5 UNFCCC). They present a unique opportunity for countries to track their needs for new equipment, techniques, services, capacities and skills necessary to mitigate GHG emissions and reduce the vulnerability of sectors and livelihoods to climate change.

A Technology Needs Assessment takes starting point in national sustainable development plans, builds national capacity and facilitates analysis and prioritization of climate technologies to support the implementation of the UNFCCC Paris Agreement.

Technology and technological change offer the main possibilities for reducing emissions and achieving the stabilization of atmospheric concentrations of GHGs. Therefore, supporting developing countries to conduct effective Technology Needs Assessments and implement Technology Action Plans is instrumental for the UNFCCC process.

With funding from the Global Environment Facility, UN Environment, through UNEP DTU Partnership, is implementing the global Technology Needs Assessment Project. The project is implemented in close collaboration with the UNFCCC Technology Mechanism, being the Technology Executive Committee and the Climate Technology Centre and Network.

The Technology Needs Assessments Project supported 36 countries between 2009 and 2013, and 26 countries between 2014 and 2018. The third phase of the project with 23 countries is expected to start early summer 2018. It will include mainly Least Developed Countries and Small Island Development States.

The Technology Needs Assessment methodology is a mature process which has evolved over the more than 15 years that developing countries have used it. This methodology may also be useful for developing countries as they work to further develop and implement their Nationally Determined Contributions.





22 JUNE 2018