TNA Newsletter 5_Step-by-step or pas á pas

Building on experience from conducting Technology Needs Assessments (TNAs) and Technology Action Plans (TAPs) in more than sixty countries UNEP DTU Partnership has just published two new guidebooks to explain how a TNA/TAP process can be organized and implemented.

The TNA Step by Step – A guidebook for countries conducting a Technology Needs Assessment and Action Plan, summarizes the various steps in preparation of a TNA and TAP. It is published in both English and French, and will be the ‘go-to’ document for national TNA teams, including TNA coordinators and consultants.

The guidebooks also point out the various materials that are available to guide and support project management and methodology further.

Read more about the guidebook, and download the English version here.
Read more about the French version, and download it here.
16 JUNE 2019