Step by Step guide to Technology Needs Assessment 

The Technology Needs Assessment project of the UNEP DTU Partnership has prepared this e-learning course to help clarify the various steps in the implementation of the Technology Needs Assessment project in the countries,  

The course is based on UDP Guidance document ‘A step-by-step guide for countries conducting a Technology Needs Assessment’ and is targeted at national coordinators and consultants. The course reflects upon experience from the TNA Phase I (2010-2013) and offers examples to illustrate how the project can be organised and implemented. The course also points to the various materials that are available to further guide and support both organisational and methodological aspects of the process.

1. Introduction to Technology Needs Assessment (TNA) 


2.1 Setting up the Process 2.2 Setting up the Process



3. Stakeholder Engagement



4.1 TNA Step 1: Identification and Prioritization of Technologies : An Introduction 4.2 TNA Step 1: Decision Context



 4.3 TNA Step 1: Identifying Technology Options 4.4 TNA Step 1: Identifying Criteria



4.5 TNA Step 1: Scoring 4.6 TNA Step 1: Weighting



4.7 TNA Step 1: Results 4.8 TNA Step 1: Sensitivity Analysis


5.1 TNA Step 2: Overcoming Barriers - An Introduction 5.2 TNA Step 2: Enabling Environment 



5.3 TNA Step 2: Steps in Barrier Analysis 5.4 TNA Step 2: Identifying Barriers for Market Goods



5.5 TNA Step 2: Identifying Barriers for Non-Market Goods  5.6 TNA Step 2: Identify Measures to Overcome Barriers



6.1 TNA Step 3: Technology Action Plans (TAPs) Introduction & Ambition 6.2 TNA Step 3: TAPs Identifying Actions and Activities


6.3 TNA Step 3: TAPs - Identifying Stakeholders and Determining Timelines 6.4 TNA Step 3: TAPs Determining Capacity Needs



6.5 TNA Step 3: TAPs Management Planning and Project Ideas


7. Linking the TNA to Other Processes



16 JUNE 2019