TNA Phase III Kick-Off Workshop

The third round of Technology Needs Assessment Project (TNA III), implemented by UN Environment and executed by UNEP DTU Partnership, aims to assist 23 developing countries in determining their technology priorities regarding mitigation and adaptation to climate change.

Technology Needs Assessments are expected to be one of the instruments to implement Nationally Determined Contributions. This implies a significant scale-up and implementation of policies, measures, and technologies, as well as mobilization of domestic and international financial resources, which should be efficiently and sustainably invested.

This third round of Technology Needs Assessment Project (TNA III) was launched through a Global Workshop on 17 -18 October 2018 in Bangkok, Thailand.

Below are the presentations from the two day workshop:

Day 1, 17th October 2018

Session 1: Setting the scene

The TNA process under the UNFCCC, its priorities, negotiation streams and the funding of the TNA process by the Financial Mechanism of the Convention
Vladimir Hecl, UNFCCC

What is a Technology Needs Assessment and why do one?
Sara Trærup, UNEP DTU Partnership and Jonathan Duwyn, UN Environment

Session 2: Country experience related to challenges, lessons learned and good practices (process related)
Chair: Donovan Campbell, University of West Indies

Key findings from TNA Phase I + II countries: lessons learned (part a) (part b)
Samba Fall, ENDA Energie and Bothwell Batidzarai, ERC

Ala Druta, Climate Change Office

Surachai Sathitkunarat, National Science Technology and Innovation Policy Office

Gary Best, Presidential Advisor on the Environment, Guyana

Mauritius & Seychelles  
Sanju Deenapanray, Ecological Living In Action Ltd

Session 3: Break out groups: Enhancing the impacts of TNAs
Chair: Viliamu Iese, University of South Pacific

Group discussions by region:
Facilitated by Regional Centres and TNA I+II country representatives

Caribbean + Asia and Pacific

Africa Anglophone + Ukraine

Africa Francophone

Day 2, 18 October 2018

Session 4: Supporting implementation of Technology Actions
Chair: Vladimir Hecl, UNFCCC

Adaptation Fund
Farayi Madziwa, Climate Finance Readiness, Adaptation Fund

Green Climate Fund
Andrea Iro, Green Climate Fund

Using the CTCN to catalyse TNA results implementation
Jonathan Duwyn, UN Environment

Maud Savary-Mornet, responsAbility

Session 5: Using TNAs to access funding and investments for technology implementation
Chair: Bothwell Batidzarai

XacBank: TNA for accessing GCF direct access funding
Greg Zegas, XacBank

Moldova: TNA for NAP and GCF country programme
Ala Druta, Climate Change Office

Mauritius: GEF project preparation, and Seychelles
Sanju Deenapanray, Ecological Living In Action Ltd

Guyana: GCF conept note development through CTCN technical assistance
Gary Best, Presidential Advisor

16 JUNE 2019