TNA Event at COP 17

Durban, 30 November 2011


30 November 2011

Welcome and Introduction - Sylvie Lemmet, UNEP DTIE

GEF’s role in financing Technology Transfer - Chizuru Aoki, GEF

Accessing funding for technology transfer projects: - Eric Usher, UNEP DTIE
Review of potential sources and mechanisms 

From TNA to Nationally Appropriate Actions - John Christensen, URC

Country Experience - Morocco, Q&A:- Maya Aherdan, Ministry of Energy, Water, Mines and Environment, Morocco
Experiences in TAP preparation

Country Experience - Indonesia, Q&A:- Widiatimini Sih Winanti and
Ridwan Djamaluddin, BPPT
Experiences in TAP preparation 

Country Experience - Costa Rica, Q&A:- Francisco Sancho, CLACDS/INCAE
Experiences in TAP preparation

Synthesis: - Lawrence Agbemabiese, UNEP DTIE

Key Outcomes and Way Forward for
Country-Driven TNAs

Launch of Technology Transfer Perspectives Series: John Cristensen

Technologies for Adaptation: Perspectives and Practical Experiences
Diffusion of renewable energy technologies: Case studies of enabling frameworks in developing countries



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