TNA Event at COP 16

Cancun, 29 November 2010

Event package
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29 November 2010

Welcome and Introduction- Sylvie Lemmet, UNEP

The Role of TNAs in Facilitating Technology Transfer - Chizuru Aoki, GEF

Strategic and Operational Elements of the TNA Project - John Christensen, URC

Country Experience - Senegal, Q&A:- El hadji Mbaye Diagne, TNA Team
Prioritization of Adaptation and Mitigation Technologies in Senegal – Initial Results, Lessons and Next Steps

Country Experience - Cambodia, Q&A: - Kamal Uy, Ministry of Environment
Results from TNA Process in Cambodia and Path Ahead to Technology Action Plan

Country Experience - Costa Rica, Q&A:- Francisco Sancho, TNA Team
The TNA Process – Experiences, Challenges and Future Plans 

Synthesis:- Bernard Jamet, UNEP
Key Outcomes and Way Forward for Country-Driven TNAs 

Book launch:- John Christensen, URC
Technologies for Climate Change Adaptation, Coastal Erosion and Flooding
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