Global Experience Sharing Workshop, Bangkok

Global TNA experience sharing and launching workshop

May 26-27, 2015, Bangkok, Thailand





Day 1

Session 1

TNA: key findings, lessons and experience to date
Vladimir Hecl/Asher Lessels, UNFCCC

Session 2: Country Experience Session: lessons and best practices from TNA Phase I

Experience from Thailand: setting-up the institutional structure and mechanisms for the TNA/TAP process
Surachai Sathitkunarat, National Science and Technology and Innovation Policy Office

Experience from Senegal: identifying barriers and enabling frameworks
El hadji Mbaye M. Diagne, Afrique – Energie – Environnement

Conducting the TNA/TAP process: Experience from LAC region
Osvaldo Girardin, Fundacion Bariloche

Experience from Africa region
Libasse Ba, ENDA

Experience from Asia region
Sivanappan Kumar, AIT

Session 3

Experience from China in institutionalizing the TNA process as a planning tool to support national/sectoral/local planning processes
Ms. Yin Hondgshu, Chinese National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation

Day 2

Session 1: Implementation examples session

Implementation of the results of TNAs in the countries, including success stories and challenges
Vladimir Hecl/Asher Lessels, UNFCCC

Moldova: transport programme
Ala Druta, Ministry of Environment

Vietnam: Developing NAMAs from TNAs-TAPs
Nguyen Van Anh, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

Session 2: Support for implementation

CTCN’s TNA Implementation Support Programme: Using the CTCN to catalyse TAP implementation
Jonathan Duwyn, UNEP/CTCN

Technology priorities for transport in Asia and CTCN support for Bhutan
Subash Dhar, UDP

GCF’s support to countries for implementing technology actions from TNA-TAP
Clifford Polycarp, GCF

ADB’s Climate Finance Center: advising countries on technology financing and investments for TNA TAP priorities
Xuedu Lu, ADB/ Casper Meeuwis Van Der Tak, ADB

Session 3

Lima mandate on TNA guidance for TAP
Vladimir Hecl, UNFCCC

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